• How many sockets can I run from one plug on the wall?

    Up to six.
  • What equipment can I plug into the socket?

    Anything with a voltage below 250V and a current rated below 5A i.e. computer, lamp, fax machine and laptop.
  • What makes these modules different to domestic extension blocks?

    Modules are individually fused and allow compliance with BS 6396:2008. They are therefore suitable for use in office and educational environments. Our latest Smart Charge facilities also allow users to charge their devices with peace of mind knowing that no over charge will take place.
  • How long can the power leads be?

    As long as you like (within reason) – provided there is a maximum of 2M of cable visible outside of the furniture.
  • Do the modules need to be fixed in position?

    Yes, fixing points are provided on each unit (clamps in the case of Desktop Modules) Cables should be clamped securely at point of entry to furniture and where cables connect moving parts of furniture.
  • So do I need an electrician to install these electrics?

    BS:6396 does NOT require a qualified electrician to install these units just a competent person. All our electrics are simple plug and play. Instruction leaflets are provided with power modules and can also be found on the ABL website.
  • What sort of equipment can’t I use?

    Please do not plug the following items into ABL power modules: Hoovers, Fan heaters, Kettles, Hair straighteners and Toasters to name a few. If you are unsure please contact our sales team on 0800 082 1444.